Eddie’s Story: From Cover Cleaner to Regional Manager

Eddie-Lawrence Kalule started working for Rapid Clean back in 2002, providing cover cleaning at one of our first sites – Riley’s Snooker Club in Staines.

Very quickly, he was spotted as being a reliable hard working employee so when the original cleaner didn’t work out, we were straight on the phone to Eddie. It was a ‘key job’ meaning that he could continue studying at college, whilst supplementing his income during hours that suited him.

Shortly afterwards he was given a new role as Specialist Cleaner; by then he had completed his college course, affording him more flexibility. Eddie remembers long treks to Wales where he would carry out upholstery and carpet cleans in the cinemas that Rapid Clean was servicing at the time.

Despite his initial reluctance to go into full-time work, when Eddie was offered the role of Contracts Manager in 2004, he took it. He made a great start, being awarded the title of Contracts Manager of the Year in 2005.

This award was given to the Contracts Manager with the best retention rate, something that Eddie was, and still is, passionate about.

“My secret to a high retention rate is good relationships – with both the customer and my cleaning staff. Without motivated cleaners, you cannot have happy customers. Whatever promise I make to my customers, I ensure it is fulfilled and encourage my staff to follow the same process.”

Eddie is Rapid’s longest standing employee, one who truly models our ethos of wanting to promote from within. In the 16 years that he has been with Rapid, he has worked his way up from part-time cleaner to Regional Manager and is an asset to the management team.

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This is what our Managing Director, Jeff Whitton had to say about Eddie:

“I remember recruiting and training Eddie way back in our early days at Rapid. He was an excellent cleaner back then – reliable, conscientious and hard working. It has been a real pleasure to work with Eddie over all these years and see his career develop. He is a real asset to Rapid and a great guy.”


Suzanne Whitton

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Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.

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