Rapid’s Summer Fun Day and Employee of the Season

Thankfully the fabulous weather continued for Rapid’s Summer Fun Day last Friday. We organise regular socials during the year, seeing them as a great opportunity to bring together all of our teams and this was no exception.

The barbecue was fired up to ensure we all had enough energy for the annual sports day.

Before embarking on the sports, we announced the winners of Rapid’s Employee of the Season award. Every season we ask all head office employees to anonymously vote for the colleague who they feel has gone over and above in their role during the previous few months.

We often find that more than one person wins, but this season it was a three-way tie!

Our first winner was Amy Moughal who has been working for Rapid since November 2017 as Accounts Assistant. This is what Amy’s colleagues had to say about her:

“She’s a lovely person to work with. Whenever I need help with anything she goes out of her way to do so with a smile as well.”

“Amy is hard working, very knowledgeable in her role & and is always happy to help others where she can.”

“Amy gets things done on time and is very efficient.”

Our second winner was Eddie-Lawrence Kalule who has worked in many roles over the 15 years he has been with Rapid. This is what his colleagues had to say about him:

“He is always supportive of his team no matter how stretched he is with other things. He always look after the clients/company and employees. He never wants to lose any customers/staff and always goes the extra mile. I personally call him MR RAPID!” 

“He’s had a difficult few months and he still motivates his team and helps where possible.”

“He is so good and he is always there when I need help.”

Last but not least was Bernice Anim who has worked as a Contracts Manager at Rapid for the last 11 years. This is what her colleagues said about her:

“She has really low termination rates and just gets on with it without any fuss.  Bernice is really popular in the office and every RM that has looked after her say that she is a pleasure to work with.”

“She is a clever lady, hard worker, positive person, great communicator and she helps everyone!”

“Bernice is a pleasure to work with. I always know that anything asked of her will get done and she runs her area proficiently and without fuss. She is always willing to go the extra mile for others and she genuinely cares.”

Then it was time for rounders…

I don’t think there has ever been so many competitive people on one field!

Good fun was definitely had by all.

Suzanne Whitton

About Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.

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