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Rapid provides a commercial cleaning service to over 400 sites, many of whom have kindly shared feedback on their experience of working with Rapid.

Softcat in Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Softcat in Marlow, Buckinghamshire “Rapid is reliable, efficient in responding to our needs and the management structure is excellent. I would definitely recommend Rapid to anyone.” 

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Whiteknights Primary School, Reading, Berkshire

Whiteknights Primary School, Reading, Berkshire "The contract was easy to set up and the service was fantastic from day one…the three Rapid cleaners are ultra-reliable. I have no complaints from the staff ever and I know that I don’t have to worry about them not turning up.”

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Belmont Primary School, Hounslow

Belmont Primary School, Hounslow “The flexibility that Rapid has provided during the Covid pandemic has been brilliant. There’s been so much change with pupils and teachers in and out, more cleaning needed on some days and reduced on others. I’ve asked a lot of the team and Sabeeh (Rapid’s Operations Manager) has sorted it, with his usual measured approach.”

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Wheatley CE Primary School, Oxfordshire

Wheatley CE Primary School, Oxfordshire "The cleaners have been given a structured way to deliver the service, after 7 months of lack of support from the old cleaning company.  I cannot believe what a difference Anna's kind, nurturing management style has had on the cleaners! The school is now on its way to being at a very good level of cleaning."

Woodstock C of E Primary School, Oxfordshire

Woodstock C of E Primary School, Oxfordshire “Anna is available any time of the day or night and if an area has been missed, she’s straight onto correcting it with the cleaners. It helps that Anna has a great relationship with the cleaners, they respect her and respond well.”

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Total Laminate Systems

Total Laminate Systems, Bournemouth “The professionalism in the way the contract has been handled from inception to now has been second to none. Our cleaner is fantastic and we have an excellent relationship with our Contracts Manager, Craig, who always delivers on his promises and turns up when he says he will.”

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St Neots School Preparatory School

St Neot's Preparatory School, Hampshire "Once the team settled down, everything has been very good. I see and talk to Frank (Contracts Manager) and Sabeeh (Operations Manager) regularly and they have a good handle on what is going on. Anything I bring up gets the necessary attention and is resolved quickly and efficiently."

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Eustace Dental Clinic

Eustace Dental and Implant Clinic, Sevenoaks "I just want to say what a fantastic job last night getting our Practice back to the way it should be - fresh and clean. I appreciate all the hard work it must have taken and it has been noted by team members this morning. Once again a huge thanks and great to have Rapid Clean on board."

Glenlyn Medical Centre

Glenlyn Medical Centre, Surrey "Switching to a contractor really wasn't as bad as I thought. I was putting it off as it felt like it would take forever. It was all set up within two weeks and it was much easier than I anticipated. The changeover was very smooth." 

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Addington Palace Golf Club

Addington Palace Golf Club, Croydon, Surrey "When I walked into the office yesterday, Monica said she noticed the place was so much cleaner the moment she walked in. She was so delighted. One of the other directors was also very impressed with the lounge and dance floor. You really made it shine. I have to say you and your staff have done a good job and no cobwebs above the dance floor!"