Leisure & Hospitality Cleaning Service

Rapid has a strong reputation for providing a professional and reliable cleaning service to the leisure and hospitality industry. We provide a professional cleaning service to a number of prestigious golf courses, leisure centres, health clubs, hotels and other recreational facilities across the south of England.

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What do our customers say?

We first visited Balham Leisure Centre back in 2016 when they were looking to make a change to their cleaning provider. At the time, their main drive was a desire to save money, so they decided that taking the cleaning in-house would be the best option.

This is a mistake that many companies make, not realising that when the cleaners don’t turn up or leave with no notice, it’s up to them to keep the building clean. In the leisure industry, a clean building is essential so it didn’t take long for Steve Warren, the General Manager of Balham Leisure Centre, to get back in contact.

One of Steve’s specific issues, was not being able to find cover and evening cleaners. Cleaning many sites in the same area means that we are often able to find local cleaners at short notice, so we knew this wouldn’t be a problem for us.

Rapid started cleaning Balham Leisure Centre in January 2018; we asked Steve if his switch has been worth it…

“Since employing the services of Rapid, there has been a marked improvement in the standards of cleanliness and presentation of the building, this is clearly reflected in our customer feedback meetings and through letters that I receive on a daily basis.”

We transferred some of the cleaners under TUPE but implemented a few changes to the way the cleaning team was working, namely an increased presence during the day. This change has meant that the site is always clean when a customer comes in to use the facilities.

“We employ the service of an independent company that conducts ‘mystery shopper’ visits. There has been a marked increase in the number of customers who would recommend Balham Leisure Centre citing that the building is ‘clean and has a modern feel’. This is a testament to the cleaning team who work tirelessly to achieve these very high standards.”

Interestingly, Steve reports that although he initially thought that going ‘in-house’ would save him money, he actually ended up paying more due to recruitment and the time his team spent on training new cleaners.

Steve has already recommended our service to a number of other leisure centres in the area.

Phyllis Court is a private members only club situated on the river Thames in Henley. In early 2018, they instructed the erection of an additional building and invited Rapid to quote for the daily cleaning of that facility.

Having always managed their cleaning in-house, outsourcing to a contract cleaning company was a new concept for the team at Phyllis Court. We were interested to hear what the centre manager, Adam Powell had to say about his experience of instructing Rapid to take care of the cleaning needs.

“Since starting the contract with Rapid, I have been impressed by the ease and efficiency of the service. The cleaners are always punctual, courteous to members and work efficiently becoming part of the Fitness Centre team even though they are not employed directly.”

As with every new customer, Phyllis Court was assigned a Rapid Contracts Manager – Diana Marothy. Diana’s initial role was to ensure a smooth handover which included getting the cleaning team up to speed as soon as possible.

“Having a great manager in Diana is a big bonus. She was very helpful in the beginning with creating the schedule for the cleaners, keeping them stocked up in products and being onsite when needed.”

One of the main benefits of instructing a contract cleaning company, is the amount of time that is saved as a result. Our role is to manage the cleaners, enabling the customer to focus on their job.

“With Diana’s help I can concentrate on the day-to-day management of the facilities knowing the cleaning is being done to a standard our members expect.”