A Fully Managed Cleaning Service

Why choose Rapid as your cleaning company?

Businesses often outsource their cleaning to a commercial cleaning company, to reduce the amount of time spent managing staff. 

We have implemented procedures and systems to ensure that we are able to deliver the reliable, high quality cleaning service that we promise.  Our aim is to enable our customers to concentrate on running their business, safe in the knowledge that the cleaning contract is  running smoothly and being managed well.

New Customers

Our fully managed cleaning service commences as soon as a new customer chooses Rapid as their cleaning company. Customers are kept up to date with preparations for the hand over from the outgoing contractor, and the subsequent introduction of the Rapid team.

We prefer a lead time of 2 weeks to allow us to complete the administration of transferring cleaners, hiring new staff and organising the correct cleaning equipment for the job, although we can accelerate the process if required.

The Contracts Manager commits to being on-site frequently during the first few weeks of a new contract but we also book in a formal audit at the end of the first month to make sure that the transition has been smooth and to discuss any areas that may require fine-tuning.

New premises launch party for Rapid Clean, comm by Suzanne Whitton

Training and Supervision of Cleaning Staff

A number of new contracts are ‘relevant transfers’ under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006.  However in our experience, not all staff will transfer across to us.  In such situations, we are able to draw on our pool of local labour, or will advertise for suitable cleaning staff.

The Contracts Manager introduces the cleaning schedule to all staff members, to make sure that the customer’s cleaning requirements are fully understood. Training of new staff takes place on site and all cleaning operatives receive full induction training, irrespective of their previous experience.

What does the training include?

  • An introduction to workplace rules and procedures
  • Skills training
  • Health and Safety (including COSHH)
  • Customer care

We regularly monitor and assess the standard of work delivered by the cleaning operatives and any re-training required is provided by either the Site Supervisor, Contracts Manager or Regional Manager.

Regular Cleaning Audits

The role of the Contracts Manager is to make sure that the cleaning contract is running smoothly and that we are delivering a reliable and professional cleaning service.  Part of this service is to carry out regular cleaning audits, where the Contracts Manager inspects the site, making sure that the cleaning has been carried out to a high standard, noting any necessary improvements.

We have an online auditing system called Cleanlink, that enables the Contracts Manager to audit the complete cleaning schedule on an ipad, sending the results through to the customer as well as head office, with an action plan.

We use a traffic light scoring system on our audits. If an area on the schedule receives  ‘green’  then it is being delivered well. An item receiving ‘amber’ must be corrected before the next audit and if there are any ‘reds’ these must be corrected before the  next clean. We find that this system of auditing is the most efficient in ensuring that we deliver the agreed schedule.

We invite customers to attend the cleaning audits but this is not a requirement.  Some customers prefer to receive the management information after each audit is complete or they may prefer to carry out sample audits themselves.

“We see Sue regularly and she does a detailed monthly audit with the cleaners. Any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and I don’t have to manage the cleaners or worry about the service at all. This has been a huge benefit to me.”

Good Communication

One of the keys to the success of any cleaning company, is good communication; this is one of our greatest strengths.

“The genuine people skills and care of all those we have encountered at Rapid, is so refreshing.” Tom’s Kitchen

As well as  regular quality audits, we provide a daily communication log book which is left on site and designed to help customers communicate directly with the cleaning staff. This is especially useful if the cleaning is performed outside of working hours.

Of course, communication is a two way process. The log book also allows our cleaners to let the customer know about anything which may need to be brought to their attention.

Head Office Support

Each Contracts Manager reports into a Regional Manager, whose role is to provide their team with daily support and assistance in dealing with specific issues that may require input at a more senior level.


Karen Henry-Arthur, our Customer Services Manager, is based at our head office in Wokingham and provides customers with additional support.

The result of every cleaning audit is received by Karen and she makes sure that any issues are resolved appropriately, keeping the customer up to date at all times.

Our customer service line is available 7 days a week.

By providing a fully managed cleaning service, every Rapid customer receives the personal attention they deserve from their cleaning company.