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Based in Colchester Essex, Albea UK Ltd is the only producer of laminate tubes in the UK, supplying approximately 750 million per annum to the UK, Europe and other global locations. Rapid has been providing them with a comprehensive cleaning service since November 2013.

As part of the budgeting process, Eric Philbert – Planning and Purchasing Manager at Albea UK Ltd – regularly assesses the performance of suppliers. The cleaning service is included in this process and in August 2013, Rapid was invited to tender.

“Having placed one of her business cards on the reception desk just days earlier, I invited the Rapid Sales Executive to join the other two cleaning companies who would be tendering.”

Eric admits that there was nothing wrong with the actual cleaning being provided at the time, it was more the company and their lack of management: “The cleaners were doing a good job but they were disillusioned with their employer. I was constantly having to resolve issues and act as the go between – something we were paying the cleaning provider to do.”

Rapid provided a competitive quote and in Eric’s words, “Carolyn asked a lot of questions  and showed a clear understanding of our needs”.

When Rapid took over, nearly all of the cleaners transferred under the TUPE law. The competence of the cleaners had never been a concern of Eric’s, the question for him, was whether a new employer would change the unhappy demeanour of the staff, thus reducing his involvement in the day to day cleaning.

Eric noticed a difference almost immediately: “I no longer have to deal with the day to day issues, in fact I’m rarely involved at all….Rapid is doing a great job of managing them.”

A year on and Eric describes the cleaning team as “happier and more relaxed”. The building remains clean and Rapid is doing a successful job of managing the contract – so much so that Eric has already recommended us to other potential customers!