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Cherry Orchard Primary School Logo

Cherry Orchard is a one-form entry primary school, based in south east London. When we first came in contact back in April 2016, the school’s cleaning needs were being met by a company that the local council had chosen.

We caught up with Roy Warner, the school’s Premises Manager to find out what made him change to Rapid and how he has found our cleaning service so far:

“The cleaners were constantly changing and the lack of consistency was affecting the cleaning standards. I called in a couple of cleaning companies to present and Rapid stood out from the rest – the contract was tailored to our needs and the flexibility being offered was just what we needed, especially in the school holidays.”

So did we deliver what Natalie, our sales person, promised?

“Rapid brought in new cleaners as the original ones didn’t want to transfer across. The Rapid cleaners have been reliable and have a great routine going. We really do see them as part of the team here and that’s important to us.”

Cherry Orchard’s first point of contact is their Rapid Contract’s Manager, Manuela, but they know that our head office team is available for support at any time. We asked Roy to share his experience of head office:

“I’ve never needed to contact head office as we don’t ever have any problems. We see Manuela at least once a month and I can bring up any issues during the audit.”

And that’s exactly how it should be!