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Kingham Primary School

Kingham Primary School in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire is responsible for educating around 240 pupils. After a frustrating time with her previous cleaning provider, Business Manager, Helen Hare, made contact with us during the Coronavirus outbreak. Helen was keen to find a company that would provide a fully managed cleaning service and most important of all, keep the school clean.

“We’d previously had no management and dreadful cleaners…the school was getting dirtier and dirtier. I asked around and a friend at another local primary school recommended Rapid Clean as providing a professional service with good management.”

The existing cleaners had all left, so TUPE did not apply in this situation. Our Contracts Manager, Anna Dabal, successfully sourced and trained local cleaners at very short notice. Helen had not been used to getting such an efficient service; with her previous contractor, the cleaners were not managed properly and she was paying a premium for very little return. This is something that often concerns people about outsourcing to a contractor but Helen confirms that done well, it’s worth every penny…

“Cost matters because we are a state-funded school but it needs to be clean. With Rapid I feel that we are getting good value for money – the cost is reasonable and the school is gleaming!”

Our main aim with every new contract is to get it to a good standard of cleanliness and quickly. Kingham Primary invested in a thorough deep clean initially and the results surprised everyone…

“The whole place was impeccable, staff thought that we had had a new floor laid! The smell of cleanliness hits you as soon as you walk in the door and it still does, every day. People can take pride in working here and we are all keen to keep the standards up.”

It’s crucial that the cleaning standards in all schools are high; never more so than since the arrival of Coronavirus. We pride ourselves on finding the right team of cleaners to ensure that this happens. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Helen and the team at Kingham Primary School.