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Total Laminate Systems

Based in Bournemouth, Total Laminate Systems offers a full range of services from conception of a project through to completion. With state of the art panel processing technology as well as a committed and experienced workforce, Total Laminate Systems strive to be the very best in the business, even winning an award last year for ‘Best Interior Building Product’ at the Building Better Healthcare Awards.

Cleanliness is important to TLS. After becoming increasingly frustrated by their existing arrangement earlier this year, they started looking at the idea of contract cleaning…

“We had a self employed cleaner who wasn’t great; a colleague mentioned her husband works at another site and uses Rapid clean. I enquired and signed the contract.”

Three months later, Tina Miller has seen such a difference in the cleanliness of their building, that she was more than happy to provide us with some feedback…

“The professionalism in the way the contract has been handled from inception to now has been second to none. Our cleaner is fantastic and we have an excellent relationship with our Contracts Manager, Craig, who always delivers on his promises and turns up when he says he will.”

Like many companies, TLS had struggled for years trying to manage their own cleaner. The problem comes when a cleaner needs more management than someone has the time to give, and the service is simply not satisfactory.

We have a local team in just about every area in the south of England, a team that is managed by a dedicated Contracts Manager. All training, management, equipment and products are supplied by us, meaning that our customers do not need to get involved in the day-to-day cleaning, unless they want to.

The final word has to go to Tina, who is now a contract cleaning advocate!

“It’s the best decision we have made regarding our cleaning services. I would recommend that any company considering moving to contract cleaning uses Rapid Clean”