Our Cleaning Team

Rapid’s team of dedicated cleaners is crucial to the success of our company, without them we simply wouldn’t have a business. We currently have around 1500 cleaners on our payroll system and regularly reward them via our Rapid Superstar initiative that we started back in 2013.

Rapid Cleaner

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our cleaners are:

  • paid on time
  • receive a wage higher than the industry average
  • given opportunities to grow and develop (many of our Contracts Managers and Regional Managers started out as cleaners)
  • rewarded for hard work.

By looking after our cleaning team, we believe that we can provide our customers with cleaners who are committed, loyal and hard working.

What’s it like to work for Rapid? 

“From day one I liked working for Rapid Clean. After training, I have had the freedom to exercise my skills and can take ownership of my work. The customer is happy and I have been rewarded for good feedback. I don’t know many other employers who care as much.” D. Madega

“I have a great relationship with my Contracts Manager, he is very cooperative and a professional person who is always there to listen to us. Whatever issues we throw at him, he deals with it on time.” K. Agbotse

“The communication that I get from Diana, my Contracts Manager, is better than any manager I’ve had before. When she visits the club she always involves me and I find her helpful and fun to work with.” S. Williams

“Rapid Clean is the best company I have worked for. The management is brilliant and my Regional Manager is always so supportive. Andy deserves a pat on the back for all his effort and the support he gives to us.” D. Russell

“I love working for Rapid because I have a good manager who is good to everyone. Thanks also to the managers and members in the office – all nice people.” W. Gablah