A Motivated Team

When Jeff and Paul started Rapid back  in 1999, despite having considerable management experience in the contract cleaning industry, they spent the first 12 months gaining a full understanding of all areas of the business. Very quickly they realised the importance of having a team of highly motivated cleaners.  

“The cleaners have the toughest job, and without them Rapid would cease to exist.” Jeff Whitton, Managing Director

Part of Rapid’s culture is to make every member of the team feels valued and appreciated, resulting in our customers benefiting from a team of motivated cleaners. We want all of our employees to know that the role they play is important. One of the ways we do this is by making sure that any positive feedback received by our customers is always communicated back to the relevant cleaning operative.

Rapid Superstar Awards

A key initiative we introduced last year was the Rapid Superstar Award.

Every quarter we ask our Contracts Managers to nominate at least one cleaning operative within their team, who deserves this accolade. Although every nominee receives a letter and gift to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the company, one cleaning operative is chosen as the ‘Rapid Superstar’. The chosen individual is invited into head office to receive their award and  gift.

Rapid Superstar Quarter 2 2016

“One of the reasons that we chose Rapid Clean is that they offer staff an incentive for good work and I love that. Cleaners are vital to a company but are the most often overlooked.” Palmerston Accountants

If you would like to read about our ‘Superstars’ then head over to the blog.

Employee of the Season

We organise regular company meetings for our head office team. These meetings are not only for training purposes, but a place for employees to give feedback and ideas on how we can progress and  improve. These valuable gatherings also give senior management an opportunity to publicly recognise excellent performance.

Rapidclean identity shootA few years ago we introduced a scheme whereby head office staff have the opportunity to vote for one of their colleagues, to win the title of Employee of the Season. They are encouraged to nominate a colleague who they feel has gone above and beyond in their role. The winner then receives a prize as a reward for their hard work.

Staff Progression

At Rapid, we believe in rewarding employees who show commitment and dedication to the company.  We are keen to promote internally and in fact several members of our senior management team have worked their way up through the ranks, having started out as a cleaning supervisor.