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Glenlyn Medical Practice

Back in October 2019, Glenlyn Medical Centre was looking for an alternative cleaning solution. At the time, they had one cleaner who was also doing other jobs on site, thus struggling to keep up with the cleaning.

At their own admission, the building is old and keeping it clean is quite a challenge. They decided that outsourcing their cleaning requirements would be the best option, so Charlotte Hatchett, Glenlyn’s Facilities Manager, invited various commercial cleaning providers to visit. Rapid stood out from the rest…

“Rapid came up with the best price and the people I met gave me a good impression of the company.”

Charlotte admitted that she was initially daunted by the prospect of moving from in-house to a commercial cleaning provider. She thought that the process would be long-winded and painful but she was pleasantly surprised!

“Switching to a contractor really wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was putting it off as it felt like it would take forever. It was all set up within two weeks and it was much easier than I anticipated. The changeover was very smooth.”

We speak to many people who believe that commercial cleaning is too expensive and therefore not a viable option for them. We asked Charlotte whether she thought she was getting good value for money since outsourcing to us almost a year ago…

“Before, we were providing everything – all of the products, finding cleaning cover when needed, as well as managing the cleaner ourselves. Yes we are paying slightly more now but the service we get is so much better!”  

It’s always good to hear from customers who have moved from in-house and are now completely converted to the benefits of contract cleaning. Our thanks go to Charlotte and Glenlyn Medical Centre, for being willing to share their experience of working with Rapid.