Continual Improvement

We have gained a wealth of experience in the contract cleaning industry over the last 18 years. In order to maintain our high-quality, professional cleaning standards, a willingness to evolve and make continual improvements to every area of the business, is essential.

Our goal across the company is to provide the best, most cost-effective contract cleaning solution to our customers. In order to achieve this, we encourage all of our staff to continually seek out and implement changes to the service we provide. From the cleaning products we use, to the business and technology processes we implement, Rapid is continually looking to set the standard for the contract cleaning industry.

Investment in Technology

In April 2013 we strengthened our work processes by introducing CleanLink – a fully comprehensive auditing system.

All of our Regional Managers and Contracts Managers now have access to an iPad on which they record the results of service reviews.These are sent straight back to head office, as well as to the customer, ensuring that any areas requiring improvement are addressed immediately.

For a while now we have been providing customers with Telelog Staff Tracker.  Where necessary, customers can use this fully automated logging system to register attendance of cleaning operatives via a computerised voice system. The system activates alerts for ‘No Show’, ‘Late Show’ or ‘Early Leave’ or when selected staff clock in.

Reducing our Impact on the Environment

We recognise that our daily operations will have an impact on the environment and are therefore committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of such activity wherever and whenever possible. One way we have achieved this, is by introducing a dosing system for our cleaning chemicals. Instead of transporting large volumes of liquids around the country, we now carry concentrated chemicals to be diluted on site, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

We have recently introduced trackers to all of our company vans.  This electronic system provides us with minute by minute updates on each vehicle’s whereabouts, sending the information straight to Head Office. Trackers allow us to make maximum use of each individual’s time by reducing unnecessary journeys across the country. Another useful tool is its ability to alert us of any vehicle which might be speeding!

Health and Safety

As a provider of contract cleaning, health and safety is of paramount importance. We recognise the need to not only keep up to date with current legislation but to be continually looking at ways in which we can be one step ahead.

We carry out risk assessments on all sites before commencing a cleaning contract and make sure that every cleaning operative has been fully involved in this process. Up to date risk assessments are then carried out on an annual basis.

An area  requiring close supervision, is that of colour coding mops and cloths, to each specific cleaning task. This is a basic standard which is monitored regularly and all staff treat as a priority.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a standard requirement within the industry and we ask all cleaners to make visual checks to the appliances before using.  In addition to this, all of our equipment is tested on an annual basis.  We recently purchased our own equipment, enabling us to conduct in-house PAT tests. All of our Contracts Managers are now fully qualified PAT testers.

Certified BICSc Training Centre

The official BICSc accreditation is the gold standard of training in the cleaning industry. Rapid now has four qualified in-house BICSc assessors and our head office has been certified as a BICSc training centre. This means that we can now assess and certify our own staff to BICSc standard. We have always been committed to training our staff and BICSc formulises this commitment.

BICSc accreditation

One of the most positive aspects to becoming a BICSc training centre is that it gives our staff the opportunity to acquire a recognised industry qualification.

ISO-9001 Accredited

Rapid was awarded ISO-9001 back in 2011.  Our quality management system has been assessed and approved in accordance with ISO-9001 2008 and works very well to ensure we deliver a great service as well as continually reviewing and improving our processes and procedures.