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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Office Cleaning

8th July 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Cleaning school floor

You may have read this title and thought ‘Why would a cleaning company be encouraging customers to save money on their office cleaning bill?’ At Rapid we are committed to offering our customers better value for money which includes finding ways to save money on their cleaning bill.

Some of the proactive ways we are helping customers to reduce monthly costs is by using micro-fibre cloths (requiring less chemicals) and investing in specialist equipment which reduces the time spent cleaning e.g scrubber dryers.

If you are are already a Rapid customer or simply a company looking to reduce your cleaning costs, here are 5 simple ways you can save money on your office cleaning further:

1. Central Bin System

We have helped many customers make savings of up to 10% by moving away from individual desk bins to a central bin system.  Emptying individual bins on a daily basis is very time consuming and often unnecessary in a modern working environment. Central general waste and recycle options also reduce the need for bin-liners saving costs and impact on the environment.

2. Less Frequent Cleaning

Do you really need cleaning on a daily basis? Cleaning only 3 times a week can even work for larger offices, as long as staff are trained to do the basics like washing up their own cups and mugs.  We can just clean toilets and kitchens daily with other areas 2-3 times per week.

3. Cups and Mugs

 It really is amazing how much tea and coffee one individual can consume in a day!  Without banning the presence of all hot drinks (perhaps a bit drastic!) we can offer some alternative solutions.  To reduce the time we spend collecting 3-4 cups per desk and then washing them up manually, why not invest in  a dishwasher?  This  will free us up to spend valuable time doing something more productive.

4. Get Friendly with Your Neighbour

We generally price on a minimum of 2 hours of cleaning per day to make it worthwhile for the cleaner.  If your site doesn’t really require the full 2 hours and you have a neighbour in a similar position, why not consider clubbing together and sharing the cleaner?

5. Keep Your Building Tidy!

We factor in more time (thus charging you more) for untidy buildings, as they take longer to clean.  Encourage a clear-desk policy within your company, even if it’s just on a Friday.

Every little helps.

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.