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Rapid Superstar

Rapid Superstar | Quarter 2 of 2019

28th October 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Larissa Martins

It’s that time of year again when we get the opportunity to congratulate some outstanding cleaning operatives for their hard work and dedication. We have a strong team of around 1000 cleaners here at Rapid so anyone who receives a mention, has certainly gone above and beyond in their role.

You’ll see from the list that we have a number of people who have been nominated, some who we have been given the title of ‘runner up’ and one overall winner. Please do take the time to read through the feedback from their Rapid line manager and the customer.

Congratulations to everyone who has received a mention this quarter.

Rapid Superstar Quarter 2 2019


Anna Dabal nominated Valdete DE SOUZA PEREIRA who cleans Oxford Playhouse

“For fantastic work ethics, excellent performance, taking pride in her work, friendly and helpful attitude. The client supports my opinion and never misses to say something flattering about Valdete. She is really liked there and treated like part of the family, they like how organised and fast paced she is in her actions/work.”

Gareth Love nominated Anna MILLS who cleans Chichester Stoneworks

“Very good standards and willing to help out.”

Ingrid Antonio nominated Mutiat JAYEOLA who cleans Peckham Leisure Centre and Camberwell Leisure Centre

“She is a great leader and is extremely reliable. I always know that anything asked of her will always be done to a high standard. A consistent Superstar in my eyes.”

Frank Twum nominated Parbati THAPA who cleans Iveco

“She is doing a wonderful job and I always get good feedback from the client. She always covers different sites for me as well.”

Aga Skupien nominated Joanna WOLAK who cleans The River Bourne Club

“For being a reliable, hard working person and paying attention to detail.”

Ernest Bonney nominated Donet WALTERS who cleans St Joseph’s Catholic Infant and Junior Schools

“I see her as very resilient, a good team player and compassionate. She’s always first to help if she sees amen Ernest if the team struggling.”

Runners Up:

Ana TAVARES who cleans Strawberry Hill Medical Centre, Inigo Business Centres and eValue Ltd

Rapid’s Contracts Manager, Peter Soares said:

“She’s been working for Rapid for a few years now and she’s always willing to help, delivering consistent results. She’s a great asset!”

Eilidh, Office Manager at Evalue said:

“It is certainly an honour to give feedback. Ana – known to us here at EValue as Paula – is a delight to work with as she is so professional & reliable. She always takes great pride in her work and is a great ambassador for Rapid. Ana is certainly a Rapid Superstar and we are delighted that she has been put forward for this award – we wish her every success.”

Melinda MESZAROS who cleans Buckinghamshire Building Society

Rapid’s Contracts Manager, Diana Marothy said:

“She is a very hard working and reliable cleaner. She never lets us down and there is never a complaint on site. The Client makes a comment about her hard work every month when I do my audit.”

Dave, Head of IT at Buckinghamshire Building Society said:

“I have personally passed on lots of great feedback about Melinda to her manager Diana. This was based on unsolicited comments from several members of staff here about how friendly, efficient and conscientious she is and we have seen a great improvement since she has been looking after us. She has been a great representative of your company and fully deserves her nomination, and indeed in our view should be a clear winner!”

Vivian DWOMOH who cleans Christie Digital Systems, Clifton Ingram, Nouveau Solutions Ltd and The Pines School

Rapid’s Contracts Manager, Bernice Anim said:

“She is a fantastic cleaner and a very hard working lady.”

Sam White, Business Manager at Pines School said:

“I don’t have much contact with Vivian but whenever I have done she has always been very friendly and polite, and her cleaning is great.”

Adele, Office and Facilities Manager at Nouveau Solutions Ltd said:

“Vivian is a very happy lady and has an amazing smile that lifts the room , she is very thorough with her cleaning and conscious not to get in anyone’s way , we look forward to seeing her every day and radiates happiness.”

Sue, Office Manager at Clifton Ingram said:

“Since Vivian took over there has been a marked improvement in the general cleaning of the offices. The kitchen especially looks very clean every morning.”

Rapid Superstar Winner:

Larissa MARTINS FERREIRA who cleans DB Schenker

Larissa Martins

Rapid’s Contract Manager, Craig Love said:

“We have had the contract for just under a year and I have had nothing but compliments from the customer about Larissa’s high standards and her general demeanour. She is reliable and extremely conscientious.”

Julie, Operations Manager at DB Schenker said:

“From my point of view, Larissa is a great girl. Totally committed to her job of which we cannot fault. She is always smiling and happy, very reliable and on time every day. Her work is superb and the standards are second to none. We actually miss Larissa when she is on holiday.”

Linda, Commercial Support Specialist at DB Schenker said:

“I think Larissa is amazing she works quietly, politely and cleans the office to a very high level, everything is clean and sparkling when she leaves, never a corner missed. I have experienced many cleaners working in various companies and Larissa is second to none she really is an example to many and the trade.”

Feedback from other employees at DB Schenker:

“Everything always clean, always restocked. Above and beyond any previous cleaner we have ever had.”

“I think she is the best cleaner we have ever had consensus, hardworking, trustworthy and always goes the extra mile.  Caring and always has a smile.”

“Larissa is an asset to our company, she is very friendly and efficient, she does an amazing job in cleaning our office, she is very thorough and professional, we miss her when she goes on holidays. I hope Larissa wins the quarters’ Rapid Superstar Award as it would be very much deserved.”

Larissa has certainly earned the Rapid Superstar title! Thank you Larissa for your commitment to Rapid Clean and your tireless efforts to ensure that our customers are happy with the service we are providing.

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.