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Rapid Superstar

Our Latest Rapid Superstar – Quarter 3 of 2019

6th January 2020 by SuzanneWhitton
Softcat Rapid Superstar

Yet again we were inundated with possible contenders for our Rapid Superstar Award. As always, we like to ensure that every employee nominated gets a mention here on the blog. Please do take the time to read all of the appreciative comments from our Contracts Managers and customers. It was a tough choice!

Rapid Superstar Nominations Quarter 3 2019


Sandra Foster who cleans Cloisters

 Mohamed from Rapid Clean said: I would like to vote for Sandra for her help with supporting 3 different sites.”

Akpene Margaret Norgbey who cleans J S A Group Ltd

Victor Olowu from Rapid Clean said: “Margaret has been a very good worker and she is always willing to help with anything that may be asked of her, including helping with communicating and translating.”

Desmond Tutu who cleans Canbury Medical Centre

Ernest Bonney from Rapid Clean said: “He’s been doing an amazing job at Canbury Medical.”

Runners Up:

Goran Velinovski who cleans The Marist School

Aga Skupien from Rapid Clean, said: “I am nominating Goran for being proactive, well organized and a pleasure to work with. He’s a huge asset to the company.”

Bursar from The Marist School’s said: “I am happy to nominate Goran given that this is a new contract with multiple buildings and requires all staff to have a DBS. He has had a challenging start and has coped well. He is very customer orientated and is regularly looking for feedback and ways to improve service.”

Patricia Harrison who cleans Clanfield Primary School

Anna Dabal from Rapid Clean, said: “She has been TUPE transferred and is an amazing example of someone who has the right attitude and reliability. She takes pride in her work; she is a perfectionist and yet so modest when it comes to her work performance. Not only are the standards very good, but her organisational skills and commitment are excellent! It is her initiative to take cloths home for washing every day! She is respected and trusted and she is seen as part of the school family. Her attendance is 99%, even when she is unwell she comes in so that not to let anybody down.”

Business Manager from Clanfield Primary School said: “I was so delighted to read this nomination and cannot praise Mrs Harrison highly enough. Without her hard work ethic, resilience and reliability we would not be the school we are today. She is certainly a real asset.”

Bozena Budzynska who cleans Dunstable Downs Golf Club

Piotr Szulc from Rapid Clean said: “Bozena started working for me as a cover cleaner at 2 sites and then began a permanent role with us at Dunstable Downs Golf Club and is doing a great job! Although English is not her first language, she overcomes obstacles and has never let me down so far.”

General Manager from Dunstable Downs Golf Club said: “She is a pleasant lady who just goes about her work quietly and efficiently. One plus that I have to mention, is that since she started cleaning here, I have had no complaints at all from Club members about the cleanliness of the premises or standard of cleaning, which is a great improvement on our previous arrangement.”

Mariette Kouyate who cleans Dulwich Leisure Centre

Ingrid Antionio from Rapid Clean said: “Mariette is doing a wonderful job and keeps calm in intense situations.”

General Manager from Dulwich Leisure Centre’s said: “She is an asset to the centre, very polite, professional and does a sterling job at the toughest time of the day!  And always with a smile on her face!”

Jordan Clarke who cleans Finishing Brands

Craig Love from Rapid Clean said: “Since Jordan has re-joined Rapid, he has proved to be an extremely fundamental team member. He is always courteous to the other Rapid and Carlisle staff. When we are let down by other team members, Jordan is the first to offer additional support and is willing to do any overtime or extra jobs at little or no notice.”

Site Services Manager said: “It is good to hear that Jordan has been nominated for this quarter’s Rapid Superstar Award, it is definitely well deserved. I find Jordan a polite and helpful member of the cleaning team. I feel he has a great work ethic and whenever I see him he is always busy working hard. He will also go that extra mile and is always willing to help with additional tasks.”

Lidia Rusin who cleans Bowman House Business Centre

Peter Soares from Rapid Clean said: “Lidia is very reliable, keeping the cleaning at consistently high standards. Recently, she’s also prevented a possible incident on site and the client was really pleased!”

Business Centre Coordinator said: “Lidia is an excellent cleaner who always leaves our buildings beautifully clean. If there is anything left in our meeting rooms that I have not had time to tidy away, she always uses her initiative and tidies the room. All the clients at Bowman House are very happy that they can trust her in the offices. When we had a water leak a few weeks ago she discovered it and straight away rang our out of hours security team to inform them; this saved the damage becoming any worse. Over all she is the best cleaner we have ever had here at Bowman House.”

Mubarak Mohamed Farook who cleans Inigo Business Centre Basingstoke & Hackwood Surgery

Zoran Marinkov from Rapid Clean said: “He is very helpful and is a great member of the team.”

Hackwood Surgery Practice Manager said: “He is always very cheerful and brings a smile to everyone he comes across.”

Rapid Superstar Winner:

Softcat Rapid Superstar

Left to Right: Jeff Whitton (Rapid Clean), Maria Dias (Softcat), Leiticiana, Diana Marothy (Rapid Clean)

Leiticiana Alves Da Silva who cleans Softcat

Diana Marothy from Rapid Clean said: “Leiticiana is a very hard worker and has worked long hours for almost a year now to help us cover; she never lets us down.”

Softcat’s Office Manager said: “Everyone at Softcat loves Leiticiana! She is so reliable, she comes in every day and knows what she’s doing. Always with a smile on her face and willing to help her team out. She is very conscious of how it is to work in a day cleaning job in an office with 500 people, not easy but she adapts to it perfectly. This is a very well deserved recognition and I am sure you cannot find another nominated employee to compete with her this quarter!”

Congratulations to Leiticiana; a very well deserved winner of the Rapid Superstar Award.

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.