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Rapid Superstar

Rapid Superstar Quarter 3 of 2018

4th February 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Delaine Reid Rapid Superstar

We’ve been running the Rapid Superstar Awards since 2013. Historically, we would crown one person the Superstar and he/she would get all of the recognition.

As time has gone on, an increasing number of Rapid employees are being nominated by their Contracts Managers and customers are also giving great feedback. It’s a nice problem to have but we are finding it difficult to pick just one person!

We have therefore chosen to share with you the cleaning operatives who have been nominated by their Contracts Manager only, those who were nominated by their line manager as well as the customer, then of course the overall winner.


Michael Wilson Odai nominated by Sabeeh Tahir – Highgate Golf, The Hollybush, The Stag

“Michael has always been a helping hand which is one of the reasons why clients really appreciate him as well as his good standards of cleaning. His attendance has been excellent throughout the months I have been managing this area and I have heard the same from his previous managers.”

 Sallum Said Hussein nominated by Andy Hollister – Reading Climbing Centre

“Sallum has helped me out at Micklands school with staffing the school at a really difficult time. Sam has been a real asset to the company in this respect and took ownership, recruited and helped with collecting documents too!”

Fahariya Nassor nominated by Goran Velinovski – The Wren School

“She is a star and I am very happy to nominate her.”

Jeanie Barr nominated by Peter Soares – Manor School

“Jeanie is honest, responsible and delivers very good standards. Jeanie communicates well and she’s always available to help when cover is required, even on weekends or short notice!”

Runners Up:

Svetlana Savcenko – Wise Production

Rapid Contracts Manager, Diana Marothy said: “She is a superstar! Not only is the customer very happy with her but all the staff on site absolutely love her. She is reliable, very efficient and her standards are extremely high.”

Charlie Laflin at Wise Productions said: “Svetlana is absolutely amazing. She is the reason we kept the contract with you as the previous cleaners were not trained to a satisfactory standard. She is super friendly, goes above and beyond, is organised and someone we class as a part of our working family.”

Ian Connolly – PEI-Genesis

Rapid Contracts Manager, Glenn Shell said: “Ian is always keen to go that little bit extra and help out.”

Jenny Griffin at PEI Genesis said: “Ian is always on-time, friendly & very enthusiastic about his work, with a ready smile. He works hard & is very conscientious about the cleaning duties Rapid Cleaning have on site. I hope our comment helps you decide on which cleaner deserves this quarter’s award.”

Bernadette Cunningham – ELE International

Rapid Contracts Manager, Solomon Adadevoh said: “Bernadette has worked for Rapid Clean for such a long time. She is totally loved by the clients and helps us with recruitment sometimes. She is a real superstar in my eyes.”

Laura Biggerstaff at ELE said: “I am very pleased that Bernie has been nominated for this award. We always find her extremely friendly and happy to go the extra mile for us, whether it is to do some urgent cleaning (especially when we have important visitors coming to our offices) or, as proved recently when we had our carpets cleaned, Piotr was cleaning the carpets way past the usual finish time and Bernie was more than happy to come back to the office to lock the premises and set the alarm. She is always very security conscious which obviously puts our minds at rest!”

Danilo Carminatti Alberto – Providence Surgery and Finishing Brands

Rapid Contracts Manager, Craig Love said: “He cleans at two of my contracts, the first being Providence surgery, where the client is always complimentary about his standards and even provided the company with a testimonial for the website. The second contract is Finishing Brands (Carlisle Fluid Technologies) where he goes above and beyond his duties by sweeping and mopping the area after his shift has finished. We also use him as a translator for the other Portuguese staff.”

Rob Smith at Finishing Brands said: “Danilo is carrying out part of the contract that has historically thrown up issues and problems. Since he has taken over this part of the contract it has improved no end. The issues are few and far between which is a great relief for me. Hopefully he can continue with his good work as we look to change how we manage this part of our waste disposal.”

Lester Ronnie Garcia  – Jakks Pacific and Easthampstead Surgery

Rapid Contracts Manager, Aga Skupien said: “I would like to nominate Ronnie for his hard work, keeping a good relationship with the customer and great communication.”

Emma Witt at Jakks Pacific said: “Ronnie is conscientious and has a keen eye for detail. We now consider Ronnie to be one of the team. I hear nothing but good feedback from our office and the overseas visitors we have. He will show them around the office if they are having difficulty finding their way. He has even assisted myself in making coffees when we have large meetings. When we have had events over run and he’s been unable to clean an area, he offers to come back after his shift to complete this. We have had VIP’s over this year and Ronnie turns up for work in a shirt and tie to make a good impression. Ronnie is a fantastic representative for Rapid Clean.”

Rapid Superstar:

Delaine Reid – Judith Kerr Primary School

Rapid Contracts Manager, Ingrid Antonio said: “Delaine is our Cleaning supervisor at Judith Kerr Primary and has worked for us for several months. She is a very committed member of staff, reliable and always promotes a high standard of cleaning. She has great relationships with other operatives and a customer who cannot stop praising her on how good the school looks.”

Charlotte Finch at Judith Kerr Primary said: “What can I say about Delaine? She is known in our school as Superwoman, there is nothing that is too much for her.  She is unfailingly positive, helpful and conscientious whilst going about her daily work.  Her standards are exceedingly high and although she may seem to push her staff hard she never asks them to do something she wouldn’t do herself.  In fact we have witnessed several occasions when she has come to work clearly unwell and hasn’t allowed that to cause a drop in standards.

She has a very friendly and approachable manner and deals with any issues that may arise in a courteous and professional manner.  We would strongly support Delaine receiving this award and hope that this feedback will go some way to ensuring this will happen.”


Left to right: Paul Claxton (Rapid’s Operations Director), Delaine Reid, Ingrid Antonio (Rapid Contracts Manager)


Huge congratulations to Delaine who is a highly valued member of the Rapid team. Delaine and all of the cleaning operatives mentioned in this post, have been sent a letter and prize for their hard work and commitment. Keep up the good work team!

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.