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Rapid Superstar

Rapid Superstar Winner(s) – Quarter 4 of 2018

11th March 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Janet Barrett Rapid Superstar

Another quarter ends and another Superstar is crowned! We had so many excellent cleaners nominated for a variety of reasons this quarter. The one thing they all have in common however, is their commitment to going  above and beyond in their role as a cleaning operative.

Below you will see the nominees with a comment from their Rapid line manager, the runners up who have received feedback from their line manager as well as the customer and finally, the two winners who have received amazing feedback from the school where they clean.

Superstar Q4 2018


Bernice Anim nominated Comfort Agyei – SCC Europe Ltd & Snap-On Business Solutions

“She has been an incredible cleaner, she is always working the best that she can. No job is too hard for her to do, so I think it’s time to say a ‘Thank you’ to Comfort so she knows that the company appreciates her hard work.”

Ingrid Antonio nominated Yves Privat Zamble – Walnuts Leisure Centre

“For going over and above in helping when a member of the public needed emergency first aid. He stayed with the individual until the paramedics arrived and was highly commended by the customer!”

Diana Marothy nominated Rute Raposo de Oliveira Anjos Henri – Softcat

“She is lovely, reliable and a very good cleaner. She never says no when she is asked to help and she works very hard for us.”

Sabeeh Tahir nominated Mehul Bava – CP Electronics (and cover at a variety of sites)

“Mehul has been a supervisor at one of my difficult sites and he helps out a lot with covering other sites and deep cleaning at the last minute. He has been working for Rapid since early last year and has been a big help since that day until now.”

Craig Love nominated Claudia Zapata Pineros  –  MLS International College

“Claudia is extremely conscientious, runs a tight ship and has very high cleaning standards. Her communication is fantastic and audit results for the site are consistently high.”

Aga Skupien Jacek Artur Mossakowski – Grove Medical Centre & The River Bourne Club

“I would like to nominate Jacek as he is reliable, conscientious and a role model for every cleaner.”

Dominkia Duda nominated Ana Pereira – Bunzl

“She is the best cleaner that I have. She works very hard and I don’t have any complains about her work. I receive a lot of positive feedback. She always helps to cover any job.”

Glenn Shell nominated Janos Nemeth – Petersgate Infant School (and cover at a variety of sites)

“Janos has helped out myself, Gus and Dominika over the last few months covering short falls on sites.”

Runners Up:

Clair Osborne – Timbercroft Primary School

Rapid’s Contracts Manager, James Brand said:

“Clair is everything that keeps companies like Rapid growing and turning it into an established company. She got Rapid out of a hole and now we are going to grow the chain of schools by 7 more next time around. I’m completely indebted to her as I was also on my probationary period and Timbercroft’s turnaround was part of my probationary review.”

Janet Finch at Timbercroft Primary School said:

‘Clair seems to have everything under control here at Timbercroft and is very efficient and organised. She is always on time and deals with new staff when they arrive immediately and sorts deliveries of cleaning products as soon as she arrives. I would recommend Clair for this award for her professionalism and efficiency.’

Patricia Cracco Dias Bambirra – Co-Operative Childcare and John Radcliffe Hospital

Rapid’s Contract Manager, Anna Dabal said:

“Apart from being my best asset and great worker, Patricia is a truly fantastic, kind, generous person. She has brilliant work ethics and is incredibly helpful and cooperative. She has been with the company a few months but during this time her work has made a huge difference and contributed to raising the cleaning standards and improving relations with the clients. Patricia goes above and beyond to be a proud Rapid Clean employee and deserves more than anyone I know to be the winner.”

Sarah Pearson at Co-operative Childcare said:

“Since starting at our nursery, Patricia has done an amazing job keeping the nursery clean. Patricia often goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the rooms are spotless and we have never had cause for complaint. I would like to wish her the best of luck in winning the award.”

Maria Assumpcao Lopes – Buzz Gym Swindon

Rapid’s Contract Manager, Peter Soares said:

“Great attendance, time keeping and cleaning standards. She communicates well with the clients and she’s always smiling! I’m really pleased for having her as part of the team.”

Tee Koudoua at Buzz Gym Swindon said:

“Maria is fantastic, always happy, always on time and always willing to go above and beyond. Maria gets on with our whole PT team and cheers us up daily with her singing. There is no task that Maria won’t put all her effort into and still have a smile on her face. It is an absolute pleasure to have Maria here and I can only wish we had more of her! ????”

Rapid Superstar Winners:

Richard West and Janet Barrett from Keep Hatch Primary School, Wokingham

“They both work hard and it is greatly appreciated.” Zoran Marinkov

“Richard is absolutely brilliant and deserves a reward from the company… cheerful, motivated and meticulous!” Deputy Head Teacher

“I am delighted with the cleaning in my classroom – if children ever leave anything on their desks and the cleaner has to move these things, I always know where Richard puts them!” Year 6 Class Teacher

“Since Janet has started cleaning Foundation Stage, we have noticed a real difference – it’s so much cleaner. You can see that she takes real pride in her work and is so friendly whenever we see her. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she goes over and above. For example, if a table is particularly covered in glue/paint she will work over several days to make sure it’s sparkling.” Foundation Team

Janet Barrett Rapid Superstar


Left to Right: Zoran Marinkov (Rapid CM), Steve Southwell (Keephatch Primary), Janet Barrett (Rapid’s Superstar), Jeff Whitton (Rapid’s MD)

Unfortunately Richard couldn’t make the presentation at Rapid’s head office so Janet represented them both. Richard will of course receive the same bottle of bubbly, certificate and gift voucher. Congratulations to both Janet and Richard, we are proud to have you as part of the Rapid team. Keep up the good work!

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.