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Employee of the Season

Rapid’s Employee of the Season – Winter 2019/20

27th May 2020 by Suzanne Whitton
Beth Abbott Employee of the Season

Admittedly we are a little behind with presenting our Employee of the Season Award but despite lockdown, we managed to ‘crown’ our chosen winter winner via Zoom last week. What would we do without Zoom right now?!

If you’re familiar with this award, you’ll know that it is down to all Rapid employees to choose one of their colleagues who they think has gone above and beyond in their role. Each quarter, everyone is asked to anonymously nominate, citing why they think this person deserves to win the award.

After counting all the votes, Beth Abbott was crowned our latest Employee of the Season!

Beth Abbott Employee of the Season

Beth has done a phenomenal job supporting all of our teams over the last year but has worked particularly hard during this strange Coronavirus pandemic. Having recently completed (in record time) her business apprenticeship, she is so deserving of the title. This is what her colleagues had to say about her…

  1. Every time she has helped me with a task I have had great communication and her work is carried out in a timely manner. She always seems to be smiling and happy to be at work. Friendly and approachable too.
  2. I feel like she always accommodates everything asked of her, and also how she has grown into her role and come out of her shell and has grown as a person. A valuable member to the Rapid family!
  3. She is always so positive and nothing is ever too much bother, everything is done with a smile and always willing to support even when having to tell me something for the millionth time. Great sense of humour and always holds her own and such a professional young lady.
  4. So pleased with how this person has really grown in herself over the last year. It’s a pleasure to work with someone so willing and committed. She sets a very good example and I see big things for her at Rapid.

Well done Beth; enjoy the bubbly and spend the money wisely 😉

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.