Healthcare & Medical Cleaning Service

Rapid has been providing a contract cleaning service to the healthcare and medical sector, from the early days of trading. Having proved that we are able to exceed the health and safety standards required within this industry, many of our customers have remained consistently loyal.


Health and Safety Provision

Trusted to provide a thorough, reliable cleaning service to veterinary practices, doctors surgeries and dental practices, Rapid recognises the need for extreme vigilance with regard to health and safety within this industry.

Health and safety is an important part of the induction process for every new staff member and a risk assessment is automatically carried out at each new site, to be re-assessed on an annual basis.

Ensuring against cross-contamination of cloths and mop heads is vital when providing a cleaning service to the healthcare and medical cleaning sector and where required, we will supply disposable mop heads.

We take full responsibility for ensuring that our sites comply with the requirements set out by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) to ensure provision of a fully compliant healthcare cleaning service.

At each site we supply visible tick sheets as proof that work has been carried out and all cleaning audits include an assessment of hygiene standards, results of which are made available to our customers.

What do our customers say?

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Rapid first visited Easthampstead Surgery back in October of 2016. The Practice Manager was anxious to find a cleaning company familiar with CQC and the high service level required. The cleaning company they were using at the time, was relatively small and seemingly unable to comply with the necessary regulations.

Being highly experienced in this sector, we knew that we would be able to provide an excellent service, one that CQC and Easthampstead Surgery would be more than happy with. Their existing cleaning operative chose to leave as soon as we took over, allowing us to bring in a highly experienced member of Rapid’s cleaning team.

The surgery has since recommended us to many other local establishments, citing excellent management as one of the reasons why they are so pleased with the service Rapid is providing.

“Our cleaner, Ronnie, is very co-operative and acts upon feedback diligently. Aga, the supervisor, is quick to respond to any requests and liaises with Ronnie well.”

We were contacted by Providence Surgery at the end of 2016, due to the poor cleaning service they were receiving from their existing cleaning provider.

Having supplied them with a competitive quote, the practice manager was won over by our promise of monthly audits and regular customer support from Rapid’s head office team.

One of the cleaners transferred across under TUPE and we re-trained him to Rapid Clean’s standards. He subsequently retired and now the site is cleaned by two Rapid hires that the surgery is very pleased with.

“I have been really impressed by the service Rapid Clean has provided. Any problems have been resolved very quickly and efficiently and the standard of cleaning has improved dramatically. Everyone at Rapid is very pleasant and they are dedicated to providing a top class service.”  Kim Thompson

When we first came into contact with Canbury Medical Centre in Kingston upon Thames, they had been using commercial cleaning contractors for some time. Despite being disillusioned by the service they were receiving versus the amount of money they were paying, they were willing to give Rapid a try.

Upon meeting Sarah Benton, the Practice Manager, we knew that we could provide the Medical Centre with an excellent cleaning service as well as saving them some money. And that is exactly what we did!

We inherited the existing cleaners under TUPE law and Mary, Rapid’s Contracts Manager for the Kingston area, worked hard at re-training them and getting them on board with Rapid’s procedures.

In the early days, Mary remembers going to site weekly, making sure that the cleaners were using their time efficiently and the customer was happy:

“Mary is excellent, she is always visible and acts immediately on any concerns that we have.”

In the past, Sarah had experienced cleaning companies who were distant and unresponsive but her experience of Rapid has been very different:

“The service we have received from Rapid has been good over the last 2+ years. Our Contracts Manager is excellent at keeping us informed, she visits the site and cleaners on a regular basis.” Sarah Benton