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Employee of the Season

Latest Employee of the Season – Ingrid Antonio

8th April 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Ingrid Antonio Employee of the Season Rapid Clean

The winner of our quarterly Employee of the Season award was announced last week. Every head office staff members was encouraged to nominate a colleague who deserves to be given this title. Despite there being a number of people who received more than one vote, there was a clear winner – Ingrid Antonio.

Ingrid has been working as a Contracts Manager at Rapid since April 2017. She is hard working, dedicated to ensuring that her customers and cleaners are happy and as if that weren’t enough…she makes a mean curry!

Ingrid Antonio - Employee of the Season

Left to right: Emily Hunter (HR), Eddie Kalule (Operations Manager), Ingrid Antonio (Contracts Manager), Jeff Whitton (Managing Director)


This is what Ingrid’s colleagues had to say about her…

  • Since I joined Rapid, I have found Ingrid to be very hard working, she will go above and beyond to ensure her sites are at the standard we would all expect and she always goes out of her way to help anyone that requires her assistance within Rapid.
  • Ingrid has always been good at her work but I think over the last couple of weeks she has gone the extra mile booking in meetings and taking appropriate actions, making sure that clients have faith in Rapid once again.
  • She works very hard, has a beautiful soul and she so deserves a Rapid lift especially today as she has got a face like thunder!
  • Ingrid for her constant bubbly personality around the office.
  • I think it should be Ingrid as she has taken on some of Dominika’s old sites and even worked weekends when necessary.
  • I’d like to vote for Ingrid please. She’s the nicest lady on this planet – who would get up super-duper early to cook for their office?! Such a caring, sassy lady we need more Ingrid’s in this world.
  • This is not only because she has brought in the most delicious food (which she has generously shared with us all and brought happiness to many people’s lunchtimes) but she continues to bring the same determination and great team spirit to her work.
  • I am not just persuaded by the food (but that is great!). A willingness to help and take on contracts at short notice and get a result where others struggle.

I think you’ll agree that this award is thoroughly well deserved. Congratulations Ingrid – keep up the excellent work!

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.