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Summer Fun at Rapid

2nd September 2019 by SuzanneWhitton
Rounders Game

It’s the beginning of September which means two things: the new school year begins and summer has now officially ended. Whilst the latter is a sad prospect, we have enjoyed reflecting on the summer past and all of the fun things that we got up to here at Rapid.

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Summer Fun Day

Apparently, we purchased the largest order ever recorded at Nando’s in Wokingham! The fact that it took three people to carry it all to the car should give you a clue as to how much chicken was consumed.

With our appetites sufficiently sated, we headed out to the field for a traditional game of rounders and the slightly roudier version – football rounders. The teams were captained by Regional Manager Paul Twinley and Sales Executive Natalie Roberts, who ended up winning a game apiece.

Our Contracts Manager Bernice, somehow managed to play on both teams. Nobody noticed until it was too late but she had a great time!

The egg and spoon race became hugely competitive, and just when we thought Gareth’s team had done it, Eddie’s team pipped them to the post!

We then came back to the office and had ice creams all round to cool off.

Cheese & Wine Tasting

One sunny Friday evening in July, our dynamic duo Nicola McKelvie and Becki Lee, organised a cheese and wine evening at head office.

cheese and wine evening

There were 12 participants in total, including Regional Manager Eddie-Lawrence Kalule, who had never eaten cheese before – how do you get to the ripe old age of *cough* 35 without eating cheese?!

There was a selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wine. With each one, there were four different cheeses, including Gouda which since discovering it has anti-ageing properties, has been a staple on everyone’s weekly shopping list.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Thank you Becki and Nicola for organising such a fun event.

Mariama’s Baby Shower

After crowning Beth as Employee of the Season, Mariama received her baby shower gifts, presented in a room full of ‘baby girl’ themed decorations.

Mariama Baby Shower

From everyone’s generous contributions, we were able to get a huge selection of baby clothes, bibs, blankets, cloths, a caddy of toiletries and baby care items. We also had a nappy cake made, which included 3 tiers of nappies, fixed together with even more baby clothes and trinkets. Luckily Mariama’s eldest son was around to help load up the car.

Cake Mariama Baby Shower

Our HR Assistant Becki, spent a week of spare time baking for the event and after Mariama received her gifts, we tucked into the most amazing ‘baby girl’ themed cupcakes, rock cakes, scones, jam tarts, fondant fancies and lemon slices. There was no way we could finish it all on the day, so we got our fill for the rest of the week too. We now can’t wait to meet the baby girl!

Rest assured that in between the socialising, we’ve been hard at work but it does us all good to have some down time every now and again.

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.