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Rapid Superstar

Rapid’s Superstar Q3 2020

11th December 2020 by Suzanne Whitton

We’ve really enjoyed gathering nominations for our Superstar Award this time round. It’s always good to celebrate the positives but never more so than this year!

2020 has been a particularly difficult year for everyone and cleaning has been in high demand. We have a number of cleaning operatives who really shone in their roles during quarter 3 (July-September) of 2020. Below you’ll find a list of those that were nominated, those that received the runners up prize and finally, our winner…


Fatuma JOEL who cleans The Pines School, Bracknell 

Bernice Anim from Rapid Clean said:

“She has been helpful covering other sites when I need her to, cleans well and takes pride in her job.”

Demetrius ACHEAMPONG who cleans UK Biocentre, Milton Keynes

Victor Olowu from Rapid Clean said:

“I would like to nominate Demetrius for his hard work and determination on the job. His dedication was one of the reason we got an increase in hours at the UK Biocentre”

Runners Up:

Mohamed Ali RIAHI who cleans Tylers Green Middle School, Tylers Green

Diana Marothy from Rapid Clean said:

“Mo is very helpful and never lets us down.”

Elin from Tylers Green Middle School said:

“Mo is an excellent cleaner, always ready to go above and beyond what he’s expected to do. He’s willing to listen and take on any client comments. He is punctual and reliable and very approachable and friendly. Everyone at school really appreciates him and gets on well with him.

He always makes sure the building is empty and secure before he locks up. If he gets stuck he will contact the caretaker who lives on site to come and assist him. We couldn’t praise him enough! The award would be well deserved!”

Anna BLASZCZYK who cleans Huntsman Advanced Materials UK Ltd, Cambridge

Piotr Szulc from Rapid Clean said:

“Anna has worked for us for a long time and is always willing to cover work in different areas. She is also good Supervisor and doing great job at Huntsman.”

Caroline from Huntsman Advanced Materials said:

“Anna is very deserving of an award!  She works very hard, and always has a smile on her face.  She goes over and above to ensure that the hours are covered when someone is off and she never complains.  Her work ethic is second to none, and I have never heard a bad word said about her.  She is cheerful and dedicated, and looks after her team.  I’m so happy she has been recognised for being the superstar that she is!”

Michal SKRZYPIEC who cleans Bishopsgate School, Egham

Aga Skupien from Rapid Clean said:

“Michal shows continued commitment and goes above and beyond to please customers.”

Charlie from Bishopsgate School:

“Of the Rapid cleaners we have working on site, Michal is the most conscientious in regards to his role.”

Janos NEMETH who cleans Portico Shipping Ltd, Portsmouth

James Saunders from Rapid Clean said:

His leadership, site knowledge and client relationship is second to none. Since he has taken up the Supervisor role, he has transformed the contract and we have had two big increases. He covers leave and sickness without hesitation and he is a big reason for our success there. He has also covered 3 or 4 other local sites, often at short notice. I feel Janos is a very strong candidate this quarter and he deserves some recognition.”

Magda Storlarz at Portico Shipping said:

“Janos is a very hard working and proactive cleaner. His communication is excellent and attention to detail is second to none. I have every confidence in him leading the cleaning team here as I know he cares a great deal about the site and Rapid delivering a great service at Portico.”

Corinne COLE who cleans Finishing Brands, Bournemouth

Craig Love from Rapid Clean said:

“We have been short staffed on numerous occasions and when requested, Corrine, without question, assists with covering the vacant areas. She is an amazing lady who works extremely hard during her shift and is an asset to Rapid clean. I wish I had more employees like Corinne.”

Gareth Love from Rapid Clean said:

“I really would like to stress also, the feedback I get regarding Corinne is second to none.  To reiterate, her maturity does not hold her back and she is more than willing always to attend at the drop of a hat, regardless of the unsociable hours.”

Rob Smith at Finishing Brands said:

I always Find Corinne is very dependable and goes about her work without fuss, and always to a great standard. She is always willing to help if asked to and I never get any negative comments from people in the areas she works in.”


Maria (Marta) LESNIAK who cleans Didcot Health Centre, Didcot 


Left to Right: Jeff Whitton (MD, Rapid Clean), Anna Dabal (CM, Rapid Clean), Maria Lesniak, Gill Suter


Anna Dabal from Rapid Clean said:

“It was a turbulent period for us over there when Maria joined us. The regular cleaners left due to COVID-19 panic. We had a few cleaners in who could not cope with the expectations and their performance was not satisfactory resulting in many complaints and the client’s frustration.

Maria saved the contract – from day one she presented a very high standard of cleaning. Her understanding of the new COVID-19 regulations and her ability to adapt and cooperate with the client to create a minimal risk environment, was outstanding.

In a short period of time Maria gained trust and sympathy of the Health Centre’s staff. They respect and speak of her highly. It is a pleasure to go and audit the site knowing that one has to try very hard to find any faults at all! High attention to detail while working fast as a bullet, reliability, never complaining – these describe Maria’s work ethics.”

Gill Suter from Didcot Health Centre said: 

“Marta is amazing. I cannot fault her thoroughness and attention to detail – and all at speed. She really cares about getting it right for the extra-stringent requirements of a healthcare setting. As you can imagine, this has been an incredibly tough year for us, and good infection control is central. But this team rose to the challenge without hesitation. Despite language difficulties, Marta and I get our message across to each other and have a lot of fun.

I also enjoy working with Marta’s daughter Alex who has been a great addition to our team when she steps up to cover any absence. Marta is thorough, flexible, and funny – I wish her luck and I couldn’t think of a more deserving, hard-working person for your award.”

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for the Superstar Award this time round, it’s always so great to see compliments from our customers. Special thanks and congratulations to Marta who we are proud to call a Rapid employee.

Suzanne Whitton

by Suzanne Whitton

Suzanne has been working at Rapid since 2007. She currently looks after Rapid's Marketing strategy and is the voice behind their website and presence on social media.